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03:19 Ticket #31 (Contents versioning) created by madbob
Contents of files and metadata can be versioned, and older versions can be …
02:28 Ticket #30 (Manage hierarchy) created by madbob
Many set of functionalities will be composed by different and plugginable …


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22:21 Ticket #29 (Relationship among widget elements) created by madbob
In templates must be possible to correlate (implicitly or explicitly) …
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02:36 Ticket #28 (Meta-informations on background jobs) created by madbob
Given that Thoughts exist just for visualization, the SCD layer have to …
02:21 Ticket #27 (Change or maintain result set on Thought) created by madbob
Two different methods to select a different view: apply a different …
01:11 Ticket #26 (Prioritize user interface) created by madbob
In every situation, graphic interface process must be executed on max …
00:43 Ticket #25 (Automatic size arrangment) created by madbob
In Thoughts must be possible handle relative sizes for element, expressed …
00:18 Ticket #24 (Advanced function access) created by madbob
All functionalities must resiede in SubConsciousDaemon layer, and must be …


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01:16 Ticket #23 (Data polymorphism) created by madbob
Given each Widget accessing the content of an item has to declare the …
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19:07 Ticket #22 (Thoughts installation) created by madbob
Must be published a sort of schema for new Thoughts which may be loaded …
19:02 Ticket #21 (Metadata extractors) created by madbob
Must be possible to hook new metadata extractor plugins to the SCD, also …
18:57 SubConsciousDaemon created by madbob
first edit
18:41 SubConscious created by madbob
link to effective SubConsciousDaemon page, so to avoid unwanted broken …
18:35 Ticket #20 (Video widget) created by madbob
Provide a universal video widget to be embedded into Thoughts, able to …


19:08 Ticket #19 (Enforce control on user's input) created by madbob
In a tipical input interface some fields are mandatory, and the user must …
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02:32 Ticket #18 ("ORDER BY") created by madbob
Hyppocampus must accept the "ORDER BY" statement in queries, and widgets …
02:25 Ticket #17 ("GROUP BY") created by madbob
Queries on filesystem must accept a "GROUP BY" statement and return the …
02:21 Ticket #16 (Different data storages) created by madbob
The Hyppocampus filesystem must be able to fit different engines …
02:09 Ticket #15 (Configuration files and visualization) created by madbob
Basic configuration of the system is handled with files formatted in XML …
01:50 Ticket #14 (Hide networking) created by madbob
Given a basic panel for essential input of connection parameters …
01:16 Ticket #13 (System-wide context-awareness) created by madbob
Provide integrated and centralized check for external resources, and hooks …


22:40 Ticket #12 (Chronological informations assignment) created by madbob
Great importance is given to timing informations, which permits complex …
20:03 Ticket #11 (No cut'n'paste) created by madbob
Limit any usage for cut/copy'n'paste action, and always provide a …
20:01 Ticket #10 (Autosaving. Always) created by madbob
No "Save" buttons appears, anywhere. Widgets for input have to match a …
19:58 Ticket #9 (Cutting configurations) created by madbob
As less as possible of the system may be configurable: no personalizations …
19:55 Ticket #8 (Provide default widgets) created by madbob
Given templates have to refere to widgets displaying data, provide a full …


01:42 Ticket #7 (Notification area) created by madbob
A little portion of the permanent interface has to be dedicated to …
01:37 Ticket #6 (Universal shortcuts) created by madbob
Keyboard shortcuts must be universal for the whole system, and each …
01:26 Ticket #5 (Templates navigation) created by madbob
Due the fact only a single template can be executed at a given time (#3), …
01:23 Ticket #4 (Template Selector) created by madbob
User must be able to change the template to apply to the current items …
00:01 Ticket #3 (No graphical multiple execution) created by madbob
Only one template can be presented to the user at a time.


01:21 Ticket #2 (Query editor) created by madbob
The user must be able to compose queries on the easiest way possible: a …
01:18 Ticket #1 (Different graphical frontends) created by madbob
System have to be able to present to the user his interface in different …
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